Casey’s Law

Parents, relatives and friends are empowered to intervene on behalf of addicted loved ones.

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The Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse Intervention was passed into law by the Kentucky legislature following the tireless efforts of Casey’s mother. Because her son was legally an adult, she was unable to petition for an involuntary commitment for the 23-year-old, which could have saved his life.

Now, parents, relatives, and/or friends are empowered to intervene on behalf of addicted loved ones, regardless of age, and without criminal charges. It marshals the resources of the court without the criminalization that formerly resulted in felony charges. Felonies follow a person throughout their life, impacting their ability to vote, get a job or, down the road, accompany their children on school outings.

Now, families and friends have a tool they can use without waiting until a substance-addicted person hits the proverbial “bottom.”

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What do I need to know?

  • You can file a petition for an involuntary commitment multiple times. If a petition is denied, that does not mean it will be again.
  • Anyone can file — friend, family member, clergy, teacher. There are no requirements that the petitioner have a particular relationship to the addicted person.
  • The petition is filed in the county where they addicted person resides through the office of the county attorney.
  • Filing is completely confidential and sealed. It will never show up on a background check, in the newspaper, on a public court docket or as a public record.
  • The person who files is responsible for the cost of treatment — but assistance is available
  • The process from filing to commitment takes approximately 14 days, which can vary by county.

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