Edgewater Recovery Center Program for Men

Edgewater Recovery Centers offers a full continuum of programs for men suffering from alcohol and substance use disorders. Whether in need of structured residential aftercare following a 30-day inpatient or residential treatment stay, or a step up in treatment intensity of a traditional outpatient treatment program. ERC’s Residential Treatment Program model offers a full clinical continuum of care along with a comprehensive community living environment. This model offers male patients and their families, the most comprehensive addiction treatment to support a lifetime of sustainable recovery from drugs and alcohol.


Intensive Residential Program

Edgewater Recovery Center’s residential treatment program is a treatment model that combines the latest clinical models with evidence-based therapies and 12-Step principles. Patients take part in holistic and comprehensive treatment in the form of individual, group, family therapy, intensive case management, and a unique life skills program. Each patient receives individualized treatment from a licensed therapist, along with group treatment with a focus on triggers, male-specific issues, family dynamics, relapse prevention and spirituality.

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We help men learn to live by the follow values: 

» Accountability «
» Integrity «
» Humility «
» Commitment «
» Self-Discipline «
» Compassion «

By utilizing proven approaches, combined with a small intimate setting, Edgewater Recovery Center programs offers a very personal and empowering experience for its clients.

We believe that our communities become stronger with each individual life that is changed. Edgewater Recovery Center for Men prides itself on being a part of our clients’ personal journey towards a rewarding life of recovery.

It is our goal to be able to provide the ideal atmosphere to promote the individual's desire to change and to provide the most effective means to implement that change in their daily life.

Long-Term Program

There is nothing more beneficial to a person suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism than a long term, phase model of treatment that allows a patient the importance of clinical work but also the ability to transition back into everyday living. ERC’s long-term treatment programs offers patients a full continuum of care where they step through phases of treatment, learning the necessary tools and skills to achieve a lifetime of sustainable recovery.

Edgewater Recovery Center’s long-term treatment program allows for this vital extended engagement, while also allowing intensive family involvement in treatment as well as the necessary freedom for a patient to stumble or struggle while in a safe, caring and therapeutic clinical setting. It is ERC’s purpose to offer the most comprehensive addiction treatment services that support the best recovery outcomes for both patients and their families.

During ERC’s long-term treatment program, while stepping down through phases of treatment, patients live in a fully staffed, structured non-institutional community living setting. Our facility is for men only. Patients live together, forming bonds and camaraderie within the community. This supervised setting supports patient responsibility through peer-to-peer accountability. The community residences, staffed 24/7 with ERC’s Residential Managers (RM’s), offers a structured level of care where patients are able to learn important life skills outside of the clinical environment.

Our long-term program includes introduction and engagement in the 12 step community through meetings, fellowship and sponsorship, life skills sessions with support staff, employment education, respectable hygiene, and community participation in keeping a well maintained and organized community residence. Structured community living allows patients the support and care they need while working through substance abuse as well as behavioral and emotional issues.

Life Skills

Edgewater knows that treatment is only the beginning of the journey. We realize our clients may encounter certain obstacles in their recovery. That is why we have partnered with Young People in Recovery to offer our clients a unique life skills program that is specific to their needs.

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YPR and Edgewater believe that individuals who are actively invested in their life-planning achieve the highest rate of success in their treatment and recovery. The “My Recovery is E.P.I.C. program” focuses on:

» Employment «
» Education «
» Housing «
» Leadership «
» Empowered Recovery «
» Recovery Messaging «
» Finance «


Our Outpatient therapy for alcohol and drug addiction and chemical dependency, is a step down from the long-term program. The outpatient program also includes individualized therapy sessions and group sessions. In this phase of treatment the client’s treatment plan will be changed to meet his ongoing recovery needs.

In the outpatient phase of treatment, the focus shifts towards external change, where clients will explore long-term goals and identify and break down barriers to recovery. The staff at Edgewater Recovery Center will continue to support the clients in their Journey of Recovery.