Success Stories

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Edgewater Recovery Center changes people's lives for the better. There is a world beyond addiction. We will help you discover it.

Below are only a few of the many success stories shared by our former clients. They wanted to reach out to you and share their own success. They trusted us at a time when faith was hard. We lived up to that trust. Our thanks goes out to them for their courage, hard work, and willingness to share.

Please take your time and read the success stories below. Your own success and freedom begins with simply reaching out to us.

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Sharing Success

My name is Daniel and I’m a recovering drug addict. I came to Edgewater Recovery Center when it first opened. I was the fourth client the facility ever had and the first to complete all phases of the program.

I will forever be grateful for what the facility gave me. If I had to choose what I liked most about the program it would be the one on one counseling sessions I had with the staff members. I’ve been through other facilities and what makes Edgewater stand out is that every single employee they have is in recovery. It’s hard to learn from someone who doesn’t understand your personal insecurities and obstacles. That’s not a problem at Edgewater.

They refused to let me pity myself in the most beautiful way. They showed me how to wake up every day, do what’s asked of me, and have no excuses. They go above and beyond to make sure their clients are comfortable, and they get to know everyone on a personal level.

The bottom line is that they care, truly and genuinely. They cared about me and they still want what’s best for me today. While I was there it was a treatment center, but when I look back at it, it was really a self-help resort. Edgewater Recovery Center gave me a chance at life and for that I am forever grateful.

~ Daniel M.

The most valuable thing that I got at Edgewater was the personalized help from the small group settings. I needed small groups. It helped me to open up more and address the things I really needed to address. I had never gotten that kind of treatment in any other place. It felt like a family setting to me, and the staff was so understanding and helpful. My time at Edgewater has forever changed me.

~ Jody S.

My name is Justin and I’m an addict. Coming to Edgewater I didn’t know what to expect. I was full of fear of the unknown as I had been all my life in every aspect.

From the very beginning I was greeted with open arms which seemed very odd from where I was at my life. I didn’t feel anyone should be welcoming me for the things I’ve done and the way I was living my life.

The program brought back daily routines that I needed to apply in my everyday life. Things that seemed so small but continue to grow, I needed structure. Having one on one with the staff was very beneficial for me because I don’t always open up very easily. I came to find out that all the staff were addicts in recovery, just like me, and I began to relate on a far more personal level.

I’m forever grateful to Edgewater and the staff. I mainly say that because they reintroduced me to recovery in depth, and that is the only reason I am still clean and here today. I now can look back and see that the staff being in recovery, and living the way they do, is why I was greeted with open arms. They found a new way to live and shared it with me.

I thank the staff for all the help and the program they offer at Edgewater from the bottom of my heart. I love you all.

~ Justin H.

My name is Jordan and I am an addict in recovery. I am very grateful to be clean today, and have a new perspective on my life. I have Edgewater Recovery Center to thank for that.

If there is one thing I can say that separates Edgewater from other treatment centers is being able to identify with others. Every staff member is in recovery, and that made all the difference. I came in broke, busted, and sick. I quickly identified things I saw in each staff member who was in recovery, and I decided I wanted those things too. They were more than willing to help me achieve them.

I suggest anyone who is seeking help with addiction to give Edgewater a chance. It saved my life.

~ Jordan C.

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